Validation is an essential part of the FiTI process. It serves to assess an implementing country’s compliance with the FiTI Standard.

Our reputation as an initiative promoting good governance in fisheries, in particular transparency, participation and accountability, is one of the our greatest assets. It is also a major driver for countries joining the FiTI and benefiting from its international standing.

At the national level, the country’s Multi-Stakeholder Group ensures that decisions and discussions are not dominated by a single actor. Instead, this group makes joint decisions on how the FiTI is implemented in their country. They work collectively to assess whether information in the public domain is considered accessible and complete. This group also makes recommendations on how to improve information published by national authorities.

At the international level, the FiTI International Board undertakes regular independent valuations. These verify compliance of all participating countries against the FiTI Standard. This covers the transparency aspect (i.e. FiTI Reports), procedural requirements, including the meaningful involvement of stakeholders, as well as the impact of the FiTI in the country.

The provisions that the FiTI International Board applies when conducting validations are stated in section D of the FiTI Standard.