Stakeholder consultation on the FiTI Standard (Draft) from 6-19 March 2017

Stakeholder consultation on the FiTI Standard (Draft) from 6-19 March 2017

FiTI Standard Consultation

The FiTI International Secretariat is pleased to announce the release of the Draft FiTI Standard (date 06 March 2017) for stakeholder consultation.

The FiTI Standard will set out the requirements that countries must fulfil to participate in the FiTI and specify provisions regarding the international governance of the initiative. The FiTI Standard is the outcome of extensive discussions, spanning nearly two years, with the members of an International Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group, which is comprised of representatives from governments, large-scale and small-scale fishing sector organisations, multinational and regional fisheries organisations as well as prominent civil society groups working on fisheries and marine conservation.

The objective of this stakeholder consultation is to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide final comments, identifiy areas for further clarification and suggest additional improvements for the FiTI Standard.

Feedback on the Draft FiTI Standard can be submitted from 6 March 2017 until 19 March 2017.

For further information and to download the FiTI Standard (Draft: 6 March 2017) as well as the Feedback Form, please refer to the “FiTI Standardpage.

We look forward to your feedback!