Since January 2020, the FiTI has been collaborating with stakeholders in Peru (government, business, civil society) to raise awareness about the importance of transparency for the country’s marine fisheries sector and to obtain a public commitment from the government of Peru to implement the FiTI.

Contact within the FiTI International Secretariat:Mr Nicolás Rovegno
National implementation partner(s):WWF – Peru

Relevant posts

  • Presentation of law proposal to promote fisheries transparency in Peru
    Lima, 10 May 2022. Today, multiple actors from Peru’s congress, the country’s fisheries sector, as well as representatives from civil society and academia, met at a dialogue workshop in Peru’s capital, convened by the Office of Congressman Arturo Alegría. As part of this workshop, Congressman Alegría presented Bill proposal No. 1477/2021-2022-CR, which aims to promote transparency in the fishing sector following the principles established by the FiTI, ensuring effective accountability regarding the sustainability of marine […]
  • Latin America’s first TAKING STOCK assessment: Government transparency in the marine fisheries of Peru
    Lima, 27 April 2022. Today, the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) launched the findings of its first TAKING STOCK assessment for the Latin American region, evaluating public access to marine fisheries management information in Peru. Conducted in collaboration with WWF Peru, the assessment examines the level of information that Peru’s national authorities publish on government websites against the transparency requirements of the FiTI Standard – the only internationally recognised framework defining what fisheries management information should […]
  • ‘TAKING STOCK – Online Transparency of Fisheries Management Information’ assessments in Latin America
    The FiTI has announced that it will support fisheries authorities in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru in their transparency efforts by conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment of the level of public information available on their marine fisheries sectors.
  • High-level webinar with the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS)
    On 14 October 2020 we conducted a high-level webinar on “Fisheries in the time of COVID-19: Challenges and perspectives for sustainable fisheries in South America”, in collaboration with the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS).