Since January 2020, the FiTI has been collaborating with stakeholders in Mexico (government, business, civil society) to raise awareness about the importance of transparency for the country’s marine fisheries sector and to obtain a public commitment from the government of Mexico.

Contact within the FiTI International Secretariat:Mr Nicolás Rovegno
National implementation partner(s):Causa Natura

Relevant posts

  • Results of TAKING STOCK assessment: Government transparency in marine fisheries of Mexico
    06 July 2022. Today, the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) launched the results of its TAKING STOCK assessment on Mexico’s marine fisheries sector, as part of a series of national studies of government transparency in global fisheries management set to be published over the coming years. These assessments are designed to deepen public understanding of how different governments around the world approach transparency in marine fisheries management, and providing concrete recommendations to help strengthen public access […]
  • ‘TAKING STOCK – Online Transparency of Fisheries Management Information’ assessments in Latin America
    The FiTI has announced that it will support fisheries authorities in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru in their transparency efforts by conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment of the level of public information available on their marine fisheries sectors.
  • INTERVIEW – Mexico can benefit from the FiTI in many ways, Eduardo Rolón says
    One million and four hundred thousand Mexicans depend on fisheries for their livelihoods, but fish stocks are under enormous pressure. Eduardo Rolón, Executive Director of the Mexican NGO Causa Natura, explained to the FiTI Secretariat in an interview how the FiTI could play a critical role in protecting the long-term health of Mexico’s fish stocks and safeguarding critical jobs.