FiTI launches new video series #KnowYourFisheries

FiTI launches new video series #KnowYourFisheries

Marine fisheries management is an inherently complex topic, but this complexity is often aggravated by information being presented through highly technical reports or formats, making it difficult for the layperson to locate, interpret and draw conclusions from.

This is a challenge for many transparency efforts in marine fisheries, including ours, which seeks to stimulate public debates on how the sector is managed, thereby enabling stakeholders as well as citizens of FiTI implementing countries to support reforms towards better governance of their marine fisheries.

With our video series #KnowYourFisheries, we seek to break down complex information into brief videos to facilitate public understanding.

While still a very new series, we have already published six videos highlighting key information from Seychelles’ 2020 FiTI Report, as well as one video for International Women’s Day (8 March 2022) highlighting the importance of transparency for women in marine fisheries sectors.

More videos to come. Stay tuned!